How Many Types of Coffee Drinks are There?

Everyone loves to have coffee. Whether it is morning, evening, or night coffee works the best. It gives relief from stress and makes us energized. Also, it helps to reduce weight, lower the risk of cancer, prevents type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease.

How many types of coffee drinks are there

Coffee drinks come in various flavors and different brew methods. To know about which other coffee drinks you are missing out I have listed all the coffee drinks that exist. So let’s begin.

Types of coffee drinks

Coffee comes in a wide variety. Even if you had many different coffee drinks, there may be many other different types of coffee drinks that you may miss out on. So, I have gathered information to let you know about coffee drinks and coffee brewing methods. For a much better taste of coffee, you may choose any of them for yourself. Now, get ready to know about them.


Espresso coffee drink is thicker than coffee of all the different brews. Espresso has a high concentration of suspended and dissolved solids and has crema on top. For brewing espresso, a cappuccino or espresso machine is needed. Espresso is the foundation of coffee drinks.


Originated in Italy, cappuccino is an espresso-based coffee drink. The coffee variations can be made by using cream instead of milk. However, flavoring can be brought by cinnamon or chocolate. A cappuccino is a single-shot espresso made with hot milk. As they stop with foam milk.


Macchiato is also another espresso-based coffee drink. It has a small amount of milk as compared to other coffee drinks. It can be prepared directly by pouring a small amount of milk into a single shot of espresso.


Mocha is also known as mochaccino. It is a chocolate-flavored variant of coffee. Mocha is normally served in a glass. You may also add chocolate syrup in place of chocolate.


Lungo is a coffee drink of Italian style. It is a short black coffee in which much water is added as a result of which a larger cup of coffee is made. A café lungo can be mistaken for café americano but be aware lungo is an inverse of americano.


Doppio is a double shot of espresso. Doppio is extracted by using a coffee filter for which is called standard double. It is called a double standard for the maximum amount of extraction of coffee through espresso machines.


The Americano coffee drink is made by using hot water to dilute espresso. It gives similar strength as that of espresso. The strength of Americano depends upon the number of shots of espresso and the amount of water added.


A black coffee drink is a simple coffee. It is prepared by steeping ground coffee beans in hot water. To make your black coffee sound fancy, you can call it a café noir. People use black coffee for weight loss.


Irish is a kind of coffee cocktail, topped with a layer of thick whipped cream. Whiskey, coffee, sugar, and cream is the common ingredient of Irish coffee.


Affogato is an Italian coffee-based dessert. It is topped with vanilla gelato or ice cream. Affogato is known as a desert in some places while others categorize it as a beverage.


Latte is made with espresso and steamed milk. The variety of ingredients in the latte includes chocolate, flavored mocha, masala Chai, soy milk, and almond milk. It is served in a cup with a layer of foamed milk on the top. Sometimes latte is referred to as a wet cappuccino for its looks. You can have a latte for your daily breakfast. It is brewed by using a stovetop mocha pot.

Café au Lait

Cafe au lait is different from coffee. Also, it looks like a tea in appearance. It is prepared by using hot milk. In the home, you can prepare Café au lait by using dark coffee and milk. Whereas in restaurants, it is made in an espresso machine using steamed milk. Café au lait is a combination of milk and coffee.

Flat white

A flat white coffee drink consists of espresso and microfoam. It has fine bubbles with a glossy and velvety consistency. As compared to a latte, a flat white coffee drink is smaller in volume and has less microfoam. The proportion of coffee to milk in flat white allows the espresso to dominate in flavor.


Ristretto is a highly concentrated espresso coffee. It is prepared by using coffee grounds and using half as much water. Lungo is known as the opposite coffee drink of Ristretto. Ristretto contains thousands of aroma compounds. Also, its taste and chemical composition are different from those coffee drinks of full-length extraction. This is because of more concentration, different balances, and fewer extracts of coffee compounds.


Galão has its roots of origin in Portugal. It is prepared by adding foam milk to espresso. Galão consists of a quarter or three-quarters of foamed milk that makes it similar to Café au Lait. The light brown color of Galão is eye-catching and is served in a tall glass.

Red Eye

A Red eye coffee drink is a brewed coffee topped with a shot of espresso. It is also known as a black eye or dead eye. The different names of Red eye depend upon the number of shots that are added to it.


The cortado coffee drink was discovered in Spain. To reduce acidity, it consists of espresso that is mixed with a rough amount of milk. The milk used in a Cortado is steamed and not frothy that makes it one of a kind. Cortado is a single-shot espresso coffee drink.

What are the different coffee brew methods?

Here I have listed six different coffee brew methods. You can choose the right one to brew coffee at home.

  • Pour-over method
  • Coffee maker method
  • French press method
  • AeroPress method
  • Siphon method
  • Cold-brew method

The above six different brew methods can make a difference in the taste of the coffee drink that you want. So, choose the right one for yourself.

Final Thoughts

Coffee is gaining popularity day by day and is taken by most people. No matter how much tired you are a cup of coffee always works. So, I hope by reading this article you have info about all the coffee drinks that exist. Now is the right time to taste each of them and know how they taste.

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