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Does Coffee Attract Fruit Flies? | Explained with Reasons

You may be disgusted by reading the title, but fruit flies flying around a coffee maker are big problems. You must have seen such flies around a coffee maker. The real question that arises here is, does coffee attract fruit flies? Nobody likes to drink coffee with eggs and fruit fly larvae. Luckily, coffee is not where the flies breed. But at the same time, it is important to know why these flies infest a coffee maker. So, let’s begin!

Does Coffee Attract Fruit Flies

Does coffee attract fruit flies?

A simple and short answer to this question is yes. These flies are also attracted to coffee grounds, beans, and coffee spills. A coffee maker attracts them towards itself. Following are some main reasons why such flies are appealing to coffee makers.

1. Heat

Whenever we make coffee in a coffee maker, it gets heated. This heated coffee maker is the main thing that attracts the flies towards itself. Moreover, if you leave the coffee maker uncleaned in the same way, it may attract other insects. 

2. Dirt

Fruit flies are always attracted to things. While making coffee, if any coffee grounds are spilled on the slab and left there, these will attract the flies. Therefore, it is necessary to clean them right away.

3. Moisture

If by any chance, you forget to wipe the moisture off the machine, then it will be appealing for flies and insects as well. Hence, you must wipe all the coffee grounds and bean baskets right away. Make sure that you dry the wet areas as well. 

4. Old Coffee

It depends on a person, and how they like to store coffee. Some people store beans and ground them when they want to make coffee. At the same time, some keep them grounded and use them when making coffee. So it depends. No matter which category you belong to, it is essential that you put them in an airtight container. 

If you leave them open, these coffee grounds will become mist and appeal to the flies.

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What other things attract the flies?

Other than coffee, these flies are also attracted by: 

1. Fruits and Vegetables

If you keep fruits and vegetables in a basket, make sure to keep them covered, because if you forget to cover them, it will attract flies. You also have the option to store them in a refrigerator. These vegetables and fruits can also become the breeding place for them as well.

2. Garbage Disposals

Garbage Disposal is the second thing that attracts the flies the most. Suppose you have garbage disposals at home. Make sure that you keep them covered. Also, don’t forget that you throw the garbage away daily. Otherwise, it will attract flies. 

3. Cleaning Mops

Cleaning mops, when used, must be washed after use. If you forget to wash them, then the dirt present in them will attract the fruit flies toward themselves. It is also essential to keep cleaning mops away somewhere in the garage. It will be beneficial in keeping the flies away from other things as well.

4. Plants

The plants very much appeal to the flies. Therefore, if you have a hobby of gardening or planting, make sure that you do it outside your home. Also, make sure that you give enough water to plants so that it gets absorbed quickly and does not float. 

Pro tip: You can use vinegar as a trap to attract the flies somewhere else. Vinegar is the best thing to attract fruit flies

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I hope by now you know how to keep the fruit flies away from coffee and coffee makers. Moreover, make sure that you do not have anything that attracts these flies towards themselves, or else you will be in real trouble. Happy Reading!

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