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What is a Coffee Knock Box? – Explained

A coffee knock box is a perfect solution to keep your used coffee grounds from making a mess. But, this may cause you to wonder, what is a coffee knock box?

A knock box for coffee is a bash bin. It is where you can knock your used grounds from the coffee filter. 

Depending on your coffee consumption, it would help if you got rid of coffee grounds daily or maybe more. Used coffee grounds tend to stink and get messy if you don’t dispose of them.

What is a coffee knock box

Also, they tend to block the Portafilter if you don’t clean it properly. Using a knock box for your coffee, you can properly dispose of your used coffee beans.

Used coffee grounds disposed of properly in a small bin can get further used as a composite for your plants. So, worried about making a mess out of used coffee grounds? Worry not, as the coffee knock box has you covered.

What exactly is a coffee knock box?

Most people scoop up the used coffee grounds to throw them away. After throwing the grounds, the filter gets adequately rinsed to help remove debris. 

But, scooping away coffee grounds is not enough to remove them altogether. Because this way, some used coffee grounds are left stuck in the filter.

Also, if you have a habit of removing the puck every time the brewing cycle gets complete. Then, the hot-pressed and used coffee grounds can even burn your hands when scooping them.

The better way to remove coffee grounds is by knocking the coffee grounds in the knock box. But, it may make you wonder what a coffee box does and what makes it stand out from the traditional method. 

What is the purpose of a coffee knock box?

A coffee knock box is a straightforward device. It is a small bin where you can throw your coffee grounds without making a mess.

The name knock box comes from how you dispose of your leftover coffee. You knock it off in the bin hence the name knock box.

Knocking the filter against the coffee knock box ensures that no coffee grounds remain in the filter. You end up with a proper clean filter in just a matter of a few seconds.

Though the coffee knock box is a relatively simple device, it has several names. Many people know it as a bash bin, bang bin, or a coffee column. 

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Different Types of Coffee Knock Box

Nowadays, there are different types of coffee knock boxes available. But, all the different kinds of coffee knock boxes have the same function. 

All kinds of coffee knock boxes come with a similar design featuring a bar in the middle. This bar is a bash bar in the middle of the coffee knock box.

The bash bar is where you tap your coffee filter to release the store-spent espresso grounds. Since it is the place that endures all the knocking and tapping, it usually has a rubber construction.

Let us look at the different kinds of materials you can find in coffee knock boxes.

Plastic Knock Box

plastic coffee knock box

Of all the knock boxes you can get, plastic knock boxes are affordable. You can easily find plastic knock boxes for coffee in different colors and shapes.

Plastic knock boxes are super light in weight and perfect for daily use. However, plastic knock boxes don’t have a very durable construction.

Stainless Steel Knock Box 

Stainless Steel Knock Box

Stainless Steel Knock Boxes are much more sturdy and have a more robust construction than plastic ones. 

The stainless steel knock boxes for coffee cost slightly more than the plastic ones. Due to their sturdy construction, many professional coffee shops tend to go for these. 

Drawer Type Knock Box

Drawer Type coffee Knock Box

Last but not least, drawer-type knock boxes for coffee have a very unique and innovative design. As their name suggests, drawer-type knock boxes resemble standard drawers. 

The box is featured inside the drawer. These are a common choice of baristas who fit this drawer underneath their espresso machine.

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Why do you need a Coffee Knock Box? 

Suppose you are a coffeeholic who gets fueled on those decadent, delicious-tasting cups of espresso shots. Then a Knock Box is an investment that you will surely enjoy. 

Still, confused about whether to get a Coffee Knock Box? Don’t worry. After going through the benefits of a Knock Box, you will surely rush to get one for yourself.

It prevents making a mess 

Then investing in a Knock Box will help clean and maintain your espresso machine. You can quickly dispose of used coffee grounds after the brew cycle then and there.

The used coffee grounds have a certain amount of moisture in them. Hence, throwing them in the trash bin may cause the liquid to seep out and make a mess.

This can cause your trash to drip water and create a huge mess that can be difficult to clean. It is why you need a knock box to store all the used coffee grounds in one place.


The best thing about investing in a knock box is the convenience it offers. It is easy for you to dispose of the leftover puck after every brew cycle.

This comes in handy, especially when brewing large servings of coffee. It saves your time going back and forth to the trash bin to throw away the used coffee grounds.

Does not damage Portafilter

A knock box gets made in a certain way that doesn’t cause any damage to the Portafilter. This is because a portafilter has to withstand some banging to get rid of the used coffee grounds. 

When throwing the coffee puck in the sink or a trash can, causes dents to form in it. Also, it can cause the drain to get clogged as well.

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I hope that the information in my article answers your question “What is a coffee knock box?”. So, if you are a coffee lover and an avid coffee drinker who wants to make coffee without making a mess.

Then a knock box is just what you need. You are surely going to fall in love with the convenience his small device offers.  A knock box is a must-have, especially for a professional barista.