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7 Best BUNN Coffee Makers for Home Use | Reviews 2023

Who is not a coffee lover? Everyone loves coffee which is full of flavor and aroma. When making a cup full of coffee, you must have the right coffee Brewer for yourself. To have a perfect morning coffee, BUNN Coffee Brewers will help you get the right one for home use.

Best BUNN Coffee Maker for Home Use

It is hard to find the right coffee Brewer for yourself but not anymore. So, to help you choose the right one for yourself, here, I have reviewed the top 7 best BUNN coffee makers for home use.

Top Best BUNN Coffee Maker for Home Use to Buy In 2023 – Quick Guide

BUNN GRB Velocity...image BUNN GRB Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer View On Amazon
BUNN BX Speed...image BUNN BX Speed Brew Classic 10-Cup Coffee Brewer View On Amazon
BUNN 52700 CSB2G...image BUNN 52700 CSB2G Speed Brew Elite Coffee Maker Gray, 10-Cup,Grey View On Amazon
BUNN GRW Velocity...image BUNN GRW Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer View On Amazon
BUNN GRBD Velocity...image BUNN GRBD Velocity Brew High Altitude Original 10-Cup Home Brewer View On Amazon
BUNN 55200 CSB3T...image BUNN 55200 CSB3T Speed Brew Platinum Thermal Coffee Maker View On Amazon
BUNN BT BT...image BUNN BT Speed Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Home Coffee Brewer View On Amazon

Top Best BUNN Coffee Makers for Home Use – Detailed Reviews In 2023

After so much research, I have finally come up with the top 7 best BUNN coffee makers for home use that are nothing but the best for you. Choose the one that suits you the best. So let’s begin.

1. BUNN GRB Velocity Brew 10 Cup Home Coffee Brewer

We all love BUNN, don’t we? This BUNN GRB velocity is a big hit in the market of coffee Brewers. It brews a completely hot cup of coffee in only three minutes. Also, it stores water in the tank, unless you don’t drain it so that you can have it anytime.

This coffee maker is faster than all the other coffee makers. Also, it makes a much stronger Cup of coffee. For preparing a coffee, you can pour 4 to 10 cups of water and then close the lid. After 3 minutes you can have a Cup of delicious coffee.

The carafe spout of this coffee Brewer is a game-changer. Its innovative and stylish design is an eye-catcher. With its exclusive drip-free carafe pouring coffee into the cup has become easy. It prevents mess on the cup or counters by its arc design and lets you pour easily.

What I adore the most about this coffee Brewer with carafe is its multi-stream spray head. It showers hot water over coffee grounds. For more interaction of hot water and coffee grounds, it features a large flat-bottom filter. This gives a superior flavor extraction with a perfect blend of ingredients with the best flavor of the coffee.

It’s a perfect coffee maker for busy family mornings and for individuals who need hot coffee throughout the day. All in all, it gives fast, easy, and high-quality coffee.

  • Delicious coffee taste
  • Unique spout design
  • Provides hot water on demand
  • Brews quickly
  • Flavorful extraction
  • Minimum 4 cups brew
  • Needs cleaning often
  • Overflow of the coffee filter

Final Verdict

Having this coffee maker by BUNN is a dream come true. It gives a next-level coffee experience.

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2. BUNN BX Speed Brew Classic 10 Cup Coffee Brewer

For someone who is a coffee lover, then this BUNN BX Speed Coffee Brewer is the best. This coffee maker is made of stainless steel which makes it long-lasting and durable. With this ten Cup coffee brewer, you can make a minimum of 4 cups and a maximum of 10 cups of coffee in only about 3 minutes. So, you can work in a carefree manner.

For easy and hassle-free working, you can slide the brewer and then simply turn on the warmer. The optimal brewing temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit keeps the water heated. So, whenever you need coffee, you can brew a full pot.

The unique spray head ensures complete and full extraction for a delicious flavorful pot of coffee. With the porcelain-coated warming plate, you can make coffee without spilling any of It on the counter.

Although it is a big size coffee maker, it is safe to use, so there will be absolutely no frustration while using it. This coffee Brewer by BUNN is of commercial style. The classic design with the stainless steel accent makes it one of a kind. With this coffee Brewer, you can enjoy your morning and evening cups of coffee freely.

  • A water heater heats water well
  • Large heating pad
  • Stylish design
  • Durable
  • Overflowing coffee grounds
  • Burnt plastic smell

Final Verdict

This coffee Brewer by BUNN is very convenient to use. The water heater keeps the water heated for a quick cup of coffee.

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3. BUNN 52700 CSB2G Speed Brew Elite Coffee Maker Gray

The BUNN 52700 CSB2G Speed Brew is an ideal pick for those people who have a jam-packed morning schedule. Its matte grey and black finish looks super stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

It comes with a reasonably easy-to-use design and doesn’t include lots of confusing control buttons. The coffee maker comes to life as soon as you pour in water and put it in the coffee grounds.

The best thing about this coffee maker is that you can make a carafe full of coffee in just 3 to 4 minutes. You don’t have to worry about the coffee running cold as the heating plate underneath keeps the coffee warm.

Whereas the 70-ounce large-capacity water tank is perfect for making a large serving of coffee. At the same time, it keeps the water at optimal heat for maximum flavor extraction.  The best thing about this coffee maker is that you can make a carafe full of coffee in just 3 to 4 minutes. At the same time, the multi-steam Waterhead sprays water on the coffee grounds to fully extract coffee flavor. 

  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to pour spout on the carafe
  • The thermal carafe keeps coffee warm for a long time
  • It comes with a 25 filter starter pack
  • The drip tray is not removable
  • It doesn’t work with K-cups
  • Warmer doesn’t have an automatic shutoff option

Final Verdict

The winning feature of the BUNN 52700 CSB2G coffee maker is its speed brew technology. Whereas its stylish and compact design easily fits in small spaces.

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4. BUNN GRW Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer

Famous for providing high-quality kitchen cookware. This home coffee brewer by BUNN is suitable for blending ingredients perfectly in bulk. In short, it does an incredible job of preparing hot delicious morning coffee. It has a wide bottom and high sides. So, forget about the spillage and splashing.

To ensure that the water is kept warm at a proper brewing temperature, the coffee brewer has an internal thermostat. As it is made of stainless steel, it is durable and sturdy. Also, it comes in two colors, black and white. Both colors look absolutely elegant and increase the aesthetics of the kitchen.

For your ease of usage, it has a unique spray head that ensures complete and superior flavor extraction, so that you start your morning with a delicious cup of coffee.

BUNN established itself in the market by launching its series of coffee brewers at a reasonable price. This coffee brewer by BUNN has a drip-free carafe that is made of glass. This glass carafe delivers pollutants-free coffee in a safe and secure manner.

The wide bottom of this coffee brewer makes sure that there is enough interaction between the ingredients for flavorful coffee. Also, the spray head maintains equilibrium between the coffee grounds.

  • Easy to use
  • Brews 10 cups in 3 minutes
  • Large bottom surface
  • Drip-free carafe
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Cheap

Final Verdict

This BUNN GRW Velocity coffee brewer is a dream come true. It is convenient and easy to use.

5. BUNN GRBD Velocity Brew High Altitude Home Brewer

This BUNN high-altitude home brewer is different from all the other coffee brewers present in the market. The brand that I trust the most for my kitchen is BUNN. Making coffee is much easier with this BUNN home coffee brewer. 

The first feature that I would like to highlight about BUNN GRBD Velocity Brew High Altitude Home Brewer is how simple yet elegant it looks. The black color makes it look like one open kind.

One feature that I always look up in every coffee Brewer is whether it spills coffee or not while pouring. The Bunn GRBD home coffee Brewer is easy to clean and does not spill coffee while using it. It perfectly extracts coffee keeping it heated for a long period of time. By creating turbulence, it extracts coffee perfectly at 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

This home coffee Brewer is the fastest 10 Cup home coffee maker. With this Brewer, you can have a rich, smooth coffee with perfect sweetness. The heated water tank keeps the water heated to brew water at any time and delivers coffee on the go.

  • Fastest coffee Brewer
  • Flavorful coffee
  • Ergonomic lid
  • Perfect blend
  • Brews in only 3 minutes
  • The carafe cannot be taken out
  • No auto shut off feature
  • Expensive

Final Verdict

For a quick instant Cup of coffee, this coffee Brewer by BUNN is for you. All its features and looks make it worth the price.

6. BUNN 55200 CSB3T Thermal Coffee Maker for Home Use

When it comes to buying the best coffee maker, I would recommend this one. Compared to other coffee makers, it takes less than half the time to give a full pot of coffee.

Making coffee is all about a perfect blend of ingredients and adequate flavor extraction. This commercial coffee maker is made of stainless steel which keeps the coffee warm for more than two hours. As it has a three years warranty, this coffee maker by BUNN will be your kitchen partner for a long time.

With the stainless steel water tank, the water is kept warm and ready for the whole time to brew it anytime but gives the best coffee experience at home.

The unique spray head is remarkable and has an extra superior flavor for a delicious Cup of coffee. This coffee brewer by BUNN is a game-changer. Its funnel can accommodate a BUNN filter which is ¼ inch taller than other filters.

Cleaning can be a problem after having a delicious cup of coffee, but not anymore. Its parts are dishwasher safe so that you can clean it without any frustration in a carefree manner. You will love the temperature-regulated tank of this coffee brewer. It prevents burnt coffee flavor and delivers the ideal brewed coffee cup.

  • Easy to clean
  • No spillage
  • Neat working process
  • No plastic smell
  • Easy to use
  • No cons

Final Verdict

This multi-use home coffee brewer has everything that you wish for in a coffee Brewer. It makes a delicious Cup of coffee in only four minutes.

7. BUNN BT Speed Brew 10 Cup Thermal Home Coffee Brewer

This coffee brewer by BUNN is impressive. It takes only three minutes to prepare coffee. You can fulfill all your coffee cravings with this incredible coffee Brewer. The ergonomic and innovative design of this home coffee Brewer lets you use it with ease and comfort.

It is a type of home coffee brewer with a reservoir style. With its unique spray, it ensures the complete extraction of cocoa beans for flavorful coffee. Also, it makes the availability of hot water for making tea.

Whatever features you desire in a coffee Brewer, BUNN has it all for you. The stainless steel internal hot water tank keeps the water heated. It can keep the water heated for up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the double wall of the thermal carafe keeps the coffee warm for up to two hours. It lets you enjoy your coffee, even if you have it after work.

This BUNN coffee maker is handy. It lets you enjoy hot chocolate, tea, coffee, or anything that you wish for. Also, it is designed especially for use above 5000 feet.

  • Easy to use
  • Handy
  • Versatile
  • Keeps coffee warm
  • Worth the price
  • No warming plate included
  • Having burning plastic smell
  • High velocity creates a mess

Final Verdict

This coffee brewer by BUNN is a highly recommended coffee brewer. You will love its sleek design and its features.

Best BUNN Coffee Maker for Home Use – Buying Guide

These are some of the features that you should always look forward to while buying a home coffee brewer. 


Buying a coffee Brewer for a home is a one-time investment. So, to make your buy worth every penny, look for a coffee Brewer that has the capacity to make at least 10 cups of coffee. By that, you don’t have to fill it out again and again.


To keep your coffee brewer working for a long time, clean it regularly and descale it. Also, look for a coffee Brewer whose parts are dishwasher safe. So, you can clean them without any frustration and hassle.

Strength and flavor

If you are having a large family and everyone has their own coffee preferences, then look for a maker that can make coffee with a variety of flavors and strengths that is from weak to strong cups.

Hot plates or carafe

Almost all coffee brewers have heating plates or carafes. Letting a cup of coffee sit on a carafe can lead to a bitter and burnt taste of the coffee. So, look for the one that has optimum heat and temperature. So that it keeps a coffee warm instead of burning it.


A coffee maker with a lot of features costs more whereas a basic coffee Brewer cost less. An average coffee brewer comes in less than $100. So to get an ideal Brewer for yourself, keep the price along with its features in your mind.


Here are the answers to some of the queries that people have in their minds while buying a coffee maker.

How can coffee be kept fresh after brewing?

After brewing, coffee can be kept fresh for two to three days. It can be kept fresh by letting it sit in a carafe or by keeping it in a refrigerator.

Can coffee be extracted with used grounds?

Coffee extracted by using reused grounds gives a better and astringent taste to coffee. Therefore, let the coffee ground cool down for some time and use them again for extracting the coffee.

Can you customize a coffee brewer?

A coffee Brewer can be customized by selecting the desired strength of the coffee. You can select it from light to bold. Also, you can keep the water hot for some time for brewing at any time.

Final Thoughts

A perfect coffee brewer for home use is difficult to find. But, this article will help you choose the best BUNN coffee maker for home use. Among the above-mentioned top 7 ones, the home coffee brewer BUNN BX Speed Brew Classic 10 Cup Coffee Brewer is my favorite. Its design is beautiful and has efficient working. With all its features, it comes at a reasonable price.

So I hope by now you would choose the best one for yourself. Just keep all the features in your mind and buy. Happy shopping!