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How long do Coffee Makers Last? – Useful Guide

The most interesting thing about coffee is that it reduces the risk of precipitate death. 

As we all know coffee plays an important role in improving energy levels and makes a person active and smart. This can reduce the chances of diabetes in people. Different people adopt different methods to make coffee like coffee makers, beaters and pluggers, etc.  

Coffee makers are the cooking applications to beverage coffee. There is a variety available different types of coffee makers available in the market. Most coffee makers take a very short time to brew the coffee. The correct use of machines can make them more reliable.

How long do Coffee Makers Last

While buying a coffee machine or any item for the house, you have to make sure that the things you are buying value your money. Everyone prefers such things that will stay with them for a long time and the same thing you surely want.

But nowhere is the question of how long do coffee makers last? So, I am going to explain different methods to make your coffee maker last longer. Let’s get into it!

First of all, you must buy a coffee machine of good quality that lasts about 5 or more years because cheap machines cannot stay for a long time. A bit more expensive machine can give you better results than the cheaper one. 

The right use of coffee makers

The right use of coffee makers makes them more consistent. It depends upon the fact that whether you are using soft or hard water for your machine. If you have no feature of softening the water then water will jam very soon in your machine’s tubes.  

Those people who live in hard water areas have to face the problem of breaking down their machines. You have to use soft water for your coffee makers. This will reduce the chances of your machine being out of order.

How long does a coffee machine last? The answer depends upon how the machine is made. The quality of construction makes it reliable and dependent. Purchasing a good quality material machine makes more financial sense to spend more money. This will enhance the lifetime of your machine.

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Regularity of use

How frequently you are using your coffee machine will also affect how long it goes on. The machine which is used continuously and brewing coffee has fewer chances to last long. As compared to those machines, which are used a few times a year and stay in cupboards will stay longer. 

The use of coffee makers decides their time. You must make sure the right timing of the machines for use.

Use water strainers 

Use water strainers

Water strainers are the best method of increasing the average lifespan of a coffee maker. The coffee makers contain pipes and pumps to make coffee. If the tubes get clogged, you must change your machine because they will not work properly anymore. 

This is because of the use of hard water in the machine instead of soft water. The hard water has a blustered appearance because it contains a high quantity of minerals. These minerals will form the clotting in the tubes. 

The tubes of the coffee makers are usually small so blockage can happen in a few years. If you have no filtered water available for your machine. Specially designed tablets are available that dissolve in warm water. This can reduce the number of minerals in the tubing. 

The water filters are the best solution to increase the machine’s lifespan. You must keep an eye on the time which is required to brew the coffee. If the time required for making coffee will be extended, the pipes are most likely the offender. 

Service Area and Preservation

Most good-quality machines are designed with manual instructions. These instructions guide you to use your machine accurately. The instructions are related to how to appear after it and keep it consecutively in a tip-top state. 

Make sure to clean your machine regularly. You have to keep it away from the parts of the kitchen where things are probable to be spilled on it will help to increase its life. You have to keep it away from being damaged. 

The more expensive machines will require servicing. This can be done by sending your machine to the best specialist dealer or in the mail. 

Guarantees and assurances

Most of the machines come with guarantees and warranties to make sure they will work properly within the given warranty. In this case, if the machine stops working it will be sent back to the shop for repair or replacement. 

The more confident the manufacturers are about their products, the longer the period of product assurance. That’s why when buying a coffee machine, you have to keep it in your mind. 

You must also find the standings of the warranty to see precisely what the company promises to do if the machine stops working and cannot be fixed. Many of the warranties will replace the machine with a new one. Some offer financial returns instead. So, a good warranty and guarantee of a machine will extend the life expectancy of a coffee maker. 

Usage of Vinegar, lemon liquor, or citric acid

Usage of Vinegar, lemon liquor or citric acid

Use vinegar, lemon juice, or citric acid for cleaning the coffee maker. These will help to reduce the impurities of your machine. Oil affects the coffee maker’s lifetime. The oil that is leaked during boiling gathers inside it. This will add to the bitterness and acidity of the product. 

For this purpose, you must allow the machine to run a full preparation time using only water. When the first cycle is completed, you have to start the second cycle with vinegar and citric acid.

Tuning heating elements

Once your coffee maker’s heating element stops working then you can repair it. A coffee maker’s heating element is a serious component. Not everyone wants cold coffee. The heating element is accessed via the base of the appliance. To test the heating elements, you have to follow these steps:

  1. You have to make sure that all liquids and grounds are collapsed before turning it over to remove the base.
  2. Once it is accessed, the heating element can be tested using a tester. You must disconnect the unit from the circuit and place the probe. Then check whether the element can conduct electricity or not.
  3. Now check if the electricity is not conducted then change the heating element unit. Using the tape mask, spot the area of all wires you released. So, you will be able to reconnect with them very easily.


What causes a coffee maker to stop working?

The primary cause for this kind of issue is any sort of blockage or water stop-up. The important thing to do is check the tube inside the coffee pot. If there are obstacles here, or if the tube is obstructed, water or some other fluid cannot go through.

What is the average lifespan of a coffee maker?

According to the research of modern times, the average lifespan of a coffee maker is 6 to 10 years. That depends upon the model you have and the way you are using it. The standard drip filters of coffee makers normalize the lowest lifespan at 6 years. 

If you are thinking that ten years is absurdly a long time to keep a coffee machine with you, so want to replace it. Then you are going wrong if you are going to replace your maker within a year. 

Most brands offer a warranty of roundabout 2 years to keep your machine with you easily. 

How long should a good maker last?

The coffee makers are designed to have no moving parts. The machine is a fixed and motionless heating element. It depends upon the rule to move water through the machine to brew coffee. 

If the heating components keep working for many years, the machine should work properly for a decade or more. 

According to the statistical approach, the typical lifespan of the coffee makers should be ten years depending upon your model.


I have researched the different ways and tips of using coffee makers and how long do coffee makers last? I have described the relevant information about coffee makers and their lives in this article.

A coffee maker is not a very big investment, but buying a high-quality machine provides you the better use and lifespan. The spending must be protected with maintenance and cleaning. 

As I researched, using soft water makes your machine unfailing by minimizing the minerals bonds in the machine. This will make your machine’s lifetime longer. I hope you have got informative points after reading this research. Let me know about your reviews in the comment section. Your feedback is worth a lot to me!

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