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Ninja CP301 vs Ninja CM401 | Detailed Comparison

Choosing between Ninja Cp301 vs Ninja Cm401 can prove to be super tricky. This rings true, especially if you are a coffee addict who wants no compromises in your cup of coffee.

Both Ninja machines have very similar features and similar outlooks. Due to this, it can be difficult to choose which one is the best of the two.

Ninja Cp301 vs Ninja Cm401

At the same time, there are also a few differences between Ninja Cp301 vs Ninja Cm401. For a much deeper understanding, let’s look at the differences and similarities between the two coffee makers.

Ninja Cp301 vs Ninja Cm401- Quick Glance

Before moving on to the in-depth analysis of both coffee machines, here is a glance at the key features of the two coffee makers.

Ninja CP301 Hot and Cold Brewed System, Auto-iQ Tea and Coffee Maker – In-depth Review

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System, Auto-iQ Tea and Coffee Maker with 6 Brew Sizes, 50 fluid ounces, 5 Brew Styles, Frother, Coffee & Tea Baskets with Glass Carafe (CP301),Black
  • Offers Multiple Brew Sizes
  • Separate Tea and Coffee Baskets Included
  • Comes with a Removable Water Reservoir
  • Brewing Technology Gives an Array of Coffee and Tea Options
  • Fold-Away Warm and Cold Frothers Turn Warm or Cold Milk into Silky-smooth Froth in Seconds


Ninja Coffee Makers are known for their sleek construction and modern designs. The Cp301 is no different.

It comes with a very modern construction featuring a large-capacity glass carafe. Though it may look like any other coffee maker at first glance, in truth, it’s not the case.

The Ninja Cp301 has a considerable size that is neither too bulky nor too compact at the same time. You won’t face any problems with the storage of this coffee maker. 

In addition, the built-in spoon not only saves space. But it makes it easy for you to measure your coffee with precision.

It has measurements up to 11.81 x 10.01 x 15 inches. At the same time, you can make about 10 cups of coffee in its glass carafe.

Features & Controls 

The intuitive controls of the Ninja Cp301 coffee maker make it easy for anyone to use it. You can easily set the timer to get the perfect cup of joe every time.

Besides, it also includes innovative delay brewing and timer features. Using these features, you can program the coffee maker to set the time you want coffee.

This versatile coffee maker can make a fantastic cup of tea as well. You get to enjoy tea and coffee making using the two permanent filters for each.

Also, the removable water reservoir makes refilling super easy. Just slide it out, fill the water reservoir, and put it back in.

The built-in frothing arm is yet another cool feature that you will love. You can easily tuck it away once you get done frothing your espresso.

Coffee Brew Style 

Once you have decided to make coffee or tea, the next step is to select the brew size. You can easily pick one from the six different cup-size options.

You can even set your brew style using the different options for tea and coffee. There are about five other brew-style options to choose from between coffee and tea. 

You can easily choose from classic brew, rich brew, specialty brew, and brew over ice.

  • Versatile brewing options
  • Easy maintenance
  • Maximum customizable options
  • The glass carafe is not dishwasher-friendly
  • The water reservoir is a little narrow

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Ninja CM401 Specialty 10-Cup Coffee Maker – In-depth Review

Ninja CM401 Specialty 10-Cup Coffee Maker with 4 Brew Styles for Ground Coffee, Built-in Water Reservoir, Fold-Away Frother & Glass Carafe, Black
  • 4 Brew Styles
  • 6 Brewing Sizes
  • Permanent Filter
  • Automatic Shut off
  • Built-In Fold-Away Frother
  • Removable Water Reservoir


The Ninja CM401 has a classic design with stainless steel construction. It comes with a brewing unit between the water tank and the support column.

You will see a foldaway frothing arm and a built-in storage space for measuring scoop on its left. The intuitive control panel is on the right side of the coffee maker.

Moreover, the transparent water tank makes it easy for you to check the water level at all times. Overall, the stainless steel construction of the coffee maker gives it a very premium feel to it.


The control panel is super easy to understand and is very user-friendly. It comes with easy control that anyone can use.

You can use the dial to set your brew size anywhere from a single mug to a carafe full of coffee. Also, you can easily select your brew style from the four different options given.

Whereas the brew delay feature ensures your coffee is ready at a specific time of the day. It comes with a hot plate that keeps your coffee hot till you serve it. 

At the bottom, you will find an exciting clean button. This helps your coffee maker to run a cleaning cycle.


The best thing about this coffee maker is choosing any one of the six brew sizes. Besides, there are four different brew-style options with features to make hot and cold coffee drinks.

As it features a permanent built-in filter, you don’t need to use single-use pods with this coffee maker. Though the foldaway frother won’t heat the milk, it will make enough foam to make rich espresso.

This coffee maker will never disappoint, whether it is for making espressos, iced coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, or macchiato.

  • Affordable price
  • Innovative drip-stop button
  • Sleek construction
  • It doesn’t have a tea brewing option
  • The operation can be noisy sometimes

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After going through my article, I hope you don’t have any problem choosing between Ninja Cp301 vs Ninja Cm401. The Ninja Cp301 comes at a slightly higher price than the Ninja Cm401.

Both have five different brew styles with the same capacity glass carafe. What makes Ninja Cp301 stand out is its tea-brewing function.

It even comes with different settings for making five different kinds of tea. Both Ninja coffee makers have a timer and a delay brewing feature.

Also, the Ninja CP301 is slightly larger than the Ninja Cm401 in size. So, if you are both a tea and coffee lover, then the Ninja CP301 is a perfect investment for you.

But, if you are a die-hard coffee lover, then the tea-brewing function of Ninja CP301 will be of no use. Instead, the Ninja Cm401 coffee maker will be more appropriate for you.